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Ukiah Beats

Work On A Project / Exclusive Production

Work On A Project / Exclusive Production

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I am looking to partner with independent artists. My vision is to work on you 1 on 1 to make sure you have a professional project release and pitch your music for TV, FIlm, Game, & AD placements.

If you are an independent artist and would like to work closely with a producer, this is a great opportunity!

Here's how it works!

Step 1: Choose between doing either 1 song, a 4 track EP, or a 10 track album.

Step 2: Make payment & sign the contract

Step 3: We begin meeting weekly to create the song(s) for your project.

Step 4: We will release your project

Step 5: We will work to pitch your project to sync opportunities (work to get the music on TV, Film, Games, & Ads)



If you have any questions or would like to meet before starting, please email me first



- You have exclusive rights to the music we create (no other artist can use the tracks)

- You will have a signed contract

- You will receive ALL the files (mp3, wav, & stems)

- You can get unlimited streams, sales, and radio.

- You will send me your vocals & me and my team will mix and master your song(s).

- You will get assistance properly registering your music with companies like ascap, sound exchange, etc. (so you get all the royalties, pub, etc)

- We will meet weekly to go over songs and handle business (either 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months via a zoom call or in person depending on the tracks you choose to do - example 1 song (1 month), 4 Track EP (3 Months), 10 Track Album (6 Months).

- We will split the publishing, royalties, and any sync fees 50/50

- You keep all your show & merch money.

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