About Us

Joseph Evans aka Ukiah Beats is an accredited producer, composer, and songwriter based in Austin, TX. His tracks have been licensed to major TV networks such as BET, MTV, VH1, Netflix, and more. 

He was born and raised in Oklahoma by a family of ministers and musicians, so Ukiah Beats was exposed to music at a very young age. His mom taught him piano at 12 and in his late teens he began to write, produce, and release his own songs originally under the name "EvaJ Music".

He found that he loved the production process and started also working with local rappers, singers, and groups in his hometown, which led to a few songs being aired on the local radio station.

During that time he didn't know about music publishing, split sheets, etc. and wanted to take his craft more serious. So shortly after getting a Business Marketing Degree, he decided to relocate to Florida to attend Full Sail for Recording Arts. This experience introduced him to a lot of industry professionals and sharpened his production skills. After finishing his Recording Arts degree he began writing, producing, and releasing his own music again as a gospel rap artist. He released two projects, performed at various events, and sold his CD's out the back of his trunk will working as an Audio Visual Technician.

He would later relocate to Atlanta, Ga to refocus on producing music and came across a few producers that taught him about music licensing (Soul Plus Mind Music and Clint Music). After networking and grinding away at the boards he eventually began to get his music placed on TV shows like Love & Hip Hop, Real House wives, Black Ink Crew, Growing Up Hip Hop, and a list of other shows. He also collaborated with many independent artists, including Mugs Amillion and Brenda Best on a Hip Hop Country Record.

Ukiah has worked hard on developing his sound and is a multi-genre music producer (Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Gospel, EDM, and POP). Currently in Austin, TX Ukiah Beats helps other producers learn the basics of music production through his company "Beat Making Basics", and works with artists and producers focused on producing music that will hit the top of the Billboard charts and get licensed to TV Shows, Movies, Games, and ADs.